The Inverted Table

Spatial Painting

the inverted table (2015 – 2021) consists of five canvases of each 120 x 200 cm on the outside, a canvas of 670 x 200 cm on the outside, a wooden construction on legs, vitrines with a selection of personal items (texts, postcards, small objects, coins, photographs of travels) under colored glass.

the inverted table can be understood as a spatial painting.
the work is based on a piece of furniture from my childhood home, which was transformed from a heavy solid oak parlor table into an “altar piece” on stiletto legs, conveying an ode to color, sensuality and worldliness.

this documentation was taken at the royal palace amsterdam, where the inverted table was included in the exhibition trailblazers, a jubilee exhibition celebrating 150 years royal award for modern painting, curated by mirjam westen and richard kofi (2021). photography: benning&gladkova; niek hendrix; maartje fliervoet.